Wednesday, December 19, 2018

A song in my heart.

Brenn Hill, cowboy songster extraordinaire, just released his fourteenth album, Rocky Mountain Drifter.
There are sixteen songs to enjoy and, as with all things remarkable, it’s hard to pick a favorite. “Old Black Joe” and “Buffalo Beard” appeal to me for their originality. And I like “My Angel Wings.” It’s a sort of old-timey, touching kind of tune. You can’t listen to “Muddy Creek” without tapping your toes. Brenn does a fine job with one of my favorite Guy Clark classics (there are two tunes on the album written by someone other than Brenn), “Desperados Waitin’ for a Train.” I could go on and on, because everything on the album is good listening.
I confess I am drawn to one song in particular: “And the River Ran Red.” It’s a haunting, reverent song about the Massacre at Bear River, a tragedy I have written widely about. One reason I really like this song is that I had a hand in writing the words. Brenn makes those words sound better than they are.
It’s unlikely any more of my words will ever be set to music. But when it’s this good, once is enough.


  1. Well, brother, confronted with the Desert Island Question, "Desperadoes Waiting for a Train" would most certainly chime loudly among the ten songs I'd prefer not to live without. Will go find the album looking for your work. Townes Van Zandt, the late Townes Van Zandt, had better watch his step: an old kid from Utah is gaining on him. Heard once a comment about TVZ, "A great friend but a terrible influence." Sin away, cowboy. Merry Christmas. 'JB

    1. Thanks, John. As much as I admire the late TVZ, he has nothing to fear from me.