Friday, February 28, 2014

Off to a Slow Start….

In keeping with my usual penchant for being several years behind the times, I am today launching a “blog.”
Much of the reason for my earlier reluctance (coupled with my Luddite tendencies) has to be the ugly sound of the word “blog.” Having dabbled in poetry for years now, the sounds of words are important to me, and when it comes to lack of euphony “blog” ranks right up there with “snot” and “moist” and “buttock.”
Be that as it may, here I am—a “blogger.” But pardon me if I never use the word again.
It’s anybody’s guess what I might write about. Reading, writing, history, rodeo, news of my newest book or latest magazine article—who knows? Check in from time to time, as I will, and we’ll see what happens. Here’s where to look: Click on the “News” tab on my web site,, or you can go directly to