Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Crass commercialism for Christmas.

Although it has nothing to do with the reason for the season, this is the time of year we shower one another with gifts. Books make fine gifts. They last a long time and the reader gets to open them again and again.
If you want my opinion (a big IF, I admit), books with my name on the cover make fine gifts. Poems. Novels. Short Stories. History. Humor. Adventure. Drama. Conflict. All set in the American West, the best part of the world. You’ll find enjoyable, engaging reading for anyone and everyone from junior high to geriatrics.
Visit and for information and links to people who will take your money (but not much of it) and send you books.
Thanks, and have a Merry Christmas—and all other gift-giving occasions.


  1. Rod, Shameless commercial! :-) MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours from Betty and Bill

    1. Thanks, Bill and Betty. As you well know, I am nothing if not shameless.