Monday, December 31, 2018

Back in the Saddle(bag).

The latest issue of Saddlebag Dispatches is now available. Dedicated to rodeo, this issue of the magazine includes three contributions from me.
First is a cover story, “The Man Who Invented Rodeo.” It’s all about Earl Bascom, whose inventions and improvements and developments back when make modern rodeo what it is today. Bascom is enshrined in numerous rodeo-related halls of fame recognizing his achievements. He was also an accomplished artist.
My regular “Best of the West” column features Larry Mahan, record-setting rough-stock rider and hero of my rodeo youth. Also included is a poem about the struggles of rodeo wives left at home while their cowboys struggle on the circuit. It’s titled “Nowhere Rodeo.”
Go online and take a look at Saddlebag Dispatches, or order a printed copy of the big magazine. If you’re a rodeo fan, you’ll be a fan of this issue.


  1. I enjoyed all three articles and the accompanying photography. It is great to see the magazine thriving. Happy new year.

  2. Rod,
    My best friend out here in the hills is a wildman former bronc rider and all-around hand named Wayne Bailey. Wayno told me once, "Vietnam wasn't so bad, except it was the first place I ever went that didn't have a rodeo." JB