Saturday, August 7, 2021

Vacation time. I just spent several days in a cabin in the woods a short walk from the Buffalo River near its confluence with Henry’s Fork of the Snake River.

While there, I managed to approve the cover design and proof the page gallies for a paperback reprint of Pinebox Collins, as well as deal with some editorial questions about a forthcoming novel, This Thy Brother, and complete the manuscript and associated paperwork for an upcoming collection of short fiction, Black Joe and Other Selected Stories.

However, the work was enjoyable, as evidenced by the above photo of the view beyond my computer screen. We even managed to fit in a bunch of rest and relaxation, some sightseeing, and tourism.

Now I am home and ready to get back to work.



  1. Now, that is a great view for a writer. Lots of stories in those woods, Rod.

    1. Thanks, Tom. It is good to change your point of view from time to time.

  2. You're better than me. I wouldn't get much writing business done with a view like that, let alone stepping outside to actually be in the picture!