Saturday, March 1, 2014

3/84 of a Wrangler Award.

Brushstrokes and Balladeers: Painters and Poets of the American West was named winner of the Western Heritage Award (popularly known as the Wrangler Award) for Best Poetry Book of 2013 by the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.
This beautiful anthology, published by the Range Conservation Foundation and RANGE magazine, edited by C.J. Hadley and designed by John Bardwell, is a beautifully made book filled with fine poetry and art. I was fortunate to have three of my poems—“Buckaroo,” “Migrations,” and “Spring Works Sonnet” included. Which means, as owner of three of the 84 poems in the book, a 3/84 share of that Wrangler Award is mine. Mine! MINE!
On a side note, I came up with the title for the book for the publisher (uncredited, but if you ask C.J., she’ll tell you).
In any event, I am pleased to have been included in the anthology and happy for C.J. and all the other poets and painters represented in the pages of Brushstrokes and Balladeers for the well-deserved and prestigious recognition that comes with this award.


  1. A big tip of the hat to my friend and favorite writer. Well deserved.

  2. Thanks, Marc. Give my best to Jericho Quinn.