Saturday, March 29, 2014

Review: The Samaritan’s Pistol.

When this novel was in its infancy, author Eric Bishop sought me out for advice. I applied a lot of red ink to the first few chapters and he claimed to appreciate it, and that may be so for we became and remain friends.
Given that friendship, and having had the opportunity to watch this book grow, I may not be the most objective reviewer. But, as Eric will tell you, I do not pull any punches where criticism is involved.
All that aside, here’s what I had to say about the book in Roundup Magazine, official publication of Western Writers of America:
A more accomplished work than your average debut novel, The Samaritan’s Pistol is proof positive that the Wild West is still wild. A strange set of circumstances puts a Wyoming rancher and packer at odds with the Las Vegas mob, and the action takes off from there.
In this engaging blend of intrigue, gun violence, and character study, Bishop’s supporting cast includes a thoughtful small-town lawman, an ex-football player, a nervous accountant, a wise old ranch hand, pinky-ring mobsters, love interests old and new for the main character, and other players who layer the tale with credibility. While outstanding as a first novel, this book is a fine work in its own right.


  1. Rod,
    Looks like a great story. It's on my list. Eric is fortunate to have had your help. Dusty Richards did the same for me. It's special when you have the opportunity to pay it forward.

    1. Thanks, Paul. I don't think anyone can write a book alone. Someone, somewhere along the way lent a hand somehow.

  2. I've read The Samaritan's Pistol, and I'd have to agree -- a damned fine novel. Looking forward to reading more of Eric's work.