Friday, February 12, 2016

Doris Daley is up in the night.

After reading Canadian poet extraordinaire Doris Daley’s new book, Poems from the Million Star Resort, I sent her this brief “review”:

Poems from the Million Star Resort
Is a treasure, I'm pleased to report.
Every poem, every page is a treat
Providing much pleasure en-suite.

The poem from which the book draws its title is based on the author’s love of wide-open Western night skies, and the other poems in the collection cover the ground from prairies to peaks and ranch life to rodeo.
Doris is a fine writer with a clever grasp of language and a remarkable ability to turn a phrase while telling an engaging story. And she is equally adept with humorous and serious verse, looking beyond the easy laugh or cheap sentiment to achieve true humor and deep emotion. The book also includes thoughts about poetry from several poets of Doris’s acquaintance.
Visit Doris’s web site to obtain a copy. It’s a book that deserves a slot on your bookshelf—or kept where it’s conveniently at hand en-suite. (Unless you’re Canadian, you may have to look that up.)

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