Friday, March 13, 2015

Cowboy Poetry at College—with a Song.

The cowboy poetry class I have been asked to teach for the University of Utah’s Lifelong Learning/Division of Continuing Education is creeping up—quickly. Our first session will be Wednesday, March 25, and the class continues each Wednesday through April 29 at the U’s Sandy campus.
I, for one, am looking forward to some excitement with syllables, fun with phrases, and fine times with rhymes.
I don’t know how enrollment is going, but I did hear tell of an inquiry from Indiana wondering if the course was available online.
The big news about the class is that phenomenal singer, songwriter, and poet Brenn Hill has agreed to visit as a guest lecturer April 9 and talk about his approach to writing poems and songs and how the two intertwine.
It’s not often that cowboy poetry is taken seriously enough and given sufficient respect that a university offers a class about it. I hope the cowboy community will repay that respect by showing up. It’ll be a good time.

Registration information here:

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