Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pikes Peak or Bust!


      Those immortal words won’t be painted on the side of my conveyance as they were daubed on wagons in days gone by. And pursuit of gold (at least not directly) isn’t my reason for traveling to the shadow of that tall mountain named for an explorer of questionable quality and uncertain motives. (A peak, I might add, fashioned by Rawhide Robinson as recounted in Rawhide Robinson Rides the Range.)
      My journey across the Rockies will take me to the Pikes Peak Writers Conference, where I will present workshops on writing short stories and historical fiction, and “7 Ways to Write Prose like a Poet.” This writers conference is ranked among the top ten in the nation, and the faculty includes a wide variety of authors, editors, publishers, and others. Aspiring and accomplished writers alike can attend workshops, critique sessions, meet with agents and editors, and more.
      All in all, it looks to be a good time and I am looking forward to the trip. Why not load up your wagon, hitch up your oxen and come along? Conference and registration information is available at


  1. Wish I was going, Rod. I'd like to soak up some of your wisdom.

    1. Gas up that big bike of yours and hit the road, Marc--you'll be there in plenty of time. Good to hear from you.

  2. Your cover shows a covered wagon. I own a 1893 oil on canvas of that print, stroke for stroke. Where did acquire your print?