Monday, December 30, 2019

Ding Dong.

It’s the end of the year. Time to ring out 2019 and ring in 2020. Time to look back and time to look ahead. Time to take stock of our lives—or, in my case here, the writing life.
 No new books with my name on the spine were released in 2019, save the large-print edition of my November 2018 novel Father unto Many Sons.
I am tempted to defend myself by saying I haven’t spent the year just sitting on my butt. Then it occurred to me that sitting on their butts is exactly what writers do. A lot.
During all that sitting on my butt in 2019, I worked with Five Star Publishing to get Pinebox Collins ready for April 2020 release, and working on getting a second novel, A Thousand Dead Horses, ready for November release.  
A third novel, And the River Ran Red, is awaiting publication, most likely in 2021. A fourth novel, All My Sins Remembered, is also in Five Star’s hands.
Late in 2019, Five Star released an anthology, Hobnail and Other Frontier Stories, which includes my short story, “The Times of a Sign.” And I worked with editors Nancy Plain and Rachelle “Rocky” Gibbons on a chapter for Go West: Seldom-Told Stories from History, a nonfiction anthology for young readers that Two Dot will publish in 2021. My piece is titled “Earl Bascom and His Bronc-Bustin’ Brothers: Fathers of Modern Rodeo.”
I also managed to write a magazine article for Cowboys & Indians; another for Range magazine; a feature article, a column, and a poem for Saddlebag Dispatches; and a book review for True West magazine. And, Grits McMorrow reprinted several of my essays on writing poetry in his Minnekahta eMessenger.
If I weren’t so lazy, I would get more done. Maybe in 2020….
But for now, back to sitting on my butt.


  1. Rod, your story for the WWA anthology, "Earl Bascom and HIs Bronc-Bustin' Brothers: Fathers of Modern Rodeo" is wonderfully interesting and entertaining. Thank you for your contribution. Now, back to sitting on my own butt (I actually wrote this standing up).

  2. Dear Rod,
    By any accounting, having four (!) novels awaiting publication is the definition of prolific. Congratulations. You must look forward to 2020.
    May it bring you much joy and satisfaction.

  3. Congratulations on the results of all that sitting on your butt, Rod Miller! Nice work!