Thursday, November 28, 2019

Giving thanks.

Today is the day set aside to do something we should do every day—give thanks for all the blessings we enjoy just for being alive. Things that are ours through no effort of our own. Things that should remind us that while the world may not owe us a living, it provides one anyway.
I am grateful today, as always, for the alphabet.
The twenty-six letters, symbols, scribbles, given to us who use American English have provided me a long life of education, employment, and entertainment. Numbers and I do not get along. But the alphabet, and all that comes from it, is an ever-present friend and companion. Just think of a world without the ability to share thoughts, feelings, ideas, knowledge, and more through a written language. It is beyond contemplation.
Despite the occasional quirks and complications inherent in using our alphabet, and despite the hatred, lies, and cruelty some fashion from it, I am thankful today for the wonder of the alphabet and the many miracles it lavishes on my life.
I hope I remember that tomorrow.


  1. What a good idea. Being thankful for the alphabet. I never once thought of that.
    I liked your mention of cruel and hateful use of letters, yet, the many positives.
    I also appreciated your line, "Numbers and I do not get along." I'm going to adopt that, instead of apologizing for math ineptness.

  2. Well, you are very adept at the alphabet. I enjoyed you post, as I have all that I’ve read. I’m thankful for writers. They have shaped my life since childhood. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  3. 26 great reasons to give thanks!