Thursday, October 31, 2019

Really Stupid Words, Chapter 9.

With the Major League Soccer season wrapping up, Major League Baseball wound up, the NBA ramping up, and the NFL in full swing, sports broadcasting is everywhere. Outside of soccer and rodeo, I am not that big a sports fan. But you can’t escape the stuff.
Sports are, and always have been, a hotbed of buzz words, clichés, and meaningless commentary. So, in a sense, picking on them for that sort of thing isn’t fair.
Then again, stupid words are stupid words, and deserve to be made sport of.
There are two particular stupid words (one of them is actually two words, but some of the people enamored with them are writing them as one word now) that are particularly annoying.
First of all, when was the last time you heard a sports organization referred to as a team? Not lately, would be my guess. Now, it’s a “franchise.” Not that sports teams bear any resemblance to the actual meaning of “franchise.” But, “franchise” has two syllables, whereas team has but one. Plus, it sounds highfalutin and important to the people who say it. They probably pat themselves on the back for their facility with language every time it comes out of their mouths (or keyboards).
Then, there are fans. No team has fans anymore. Now, always, it is a “fan base.” Again, it is meaningless as used. True, a team may have a base of loyal, through thick-and thin, season-ticket-holding fans. But, now, everyone with even a casual interest is part of a “fan base” it seems.


  1. They used to make up words to describe what was happening and to entertain audiences. Alas, now they just try to sound more important than they really are.

  2. This post is totally on point and brought a smile to my face. People who do not have a broad command of language always seem to grasp at words they believe make them sound more literate, even though they often mispronounce them and use them incorrectly or out of context.

  3. It's good to know that you will not run out of reasons to get a little hot under your collar. :-)

  4. Entertaining post, Rod. Another sports term I tire of hearing is the "(Fill in the name of your team) NATION."
    So, we've gone from team to franchise to nation. Can't wait for the next step. Universe? Galaxy?

    1. Sports are just too big to be contained, I guess. Thanks, Tom.