Monday, July 29, 2019

What are you working on?

That question, I suppose, is asked of writers more than any other. At least I get asked quite often. You might think it’s an easy thing to answer.
But, it’s not. At least for me.
Right now, for instance, I’m working on this that you will be reading soon, I hope.
At the same time, there’s a novel that’s mostly finished that I am working on finishing.
There’s some publicity material I need to send to the host of an upcoming speaking engagement, and I’m working on that.
And I’m working on what I am going to say to those people when it’s time to stand up in front of them.
There’s information to gather for a magazine story, and I’m working on that.
I have a magazine column that will be coming due and I’m working on that.
I’ve been invited to sit on a panel discussion at an upcoming writers conference, and I’m working on that.
I will be presenting a couple of workshops at another writers conference a bit later, and I’m working on that.
I’m working on an idea for a poem that keeps rattling around in my head.
I promised to read a manuscript for another writer, and I’m working on that.
I’m working on publicity material for a movie that was released recently.
There’s a history book I want to write that I need to be working on. I should get to work on another short story. There are books of mine out there that could use some sales support and I should be working on that.
And I need to mow the lawn.

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