Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sheep. And more sheep.

Over the years I’ve cracked more than my share of cowboy jokes about sheep and sheepherders. Truth is, one of my best friends growing up came from a sheepherding family and one of the first pretty girls that ever consented to go out with me raised sheep. So, like it or not, sheep and the people who raise them have a place in my heart of hearts.
The new issue of RANGE magazine features two stories I had a hand in, and both are about sheep people.
On page 64 is story about the family of Lee and Joan Jarvis, who, for decades, have bred, raised, and supplied range rams to sheep herds all across the West from their outfits in Utah and Idaho.  (The photo above is Lee horseback, herding sheep on their Idaho ranch.)

In the “Red Meat Survivors” section of the magazine on page 82 is a profile of Marie Ormachea Sherman I put together with help from her granddaughter-in-law, Nora Hunt-Lee. Marie raised sheep—and cattle—for years on Nevada ranches, and still does. (That’s Marie in the photo with the lamb.)
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