Friday, April 18, 2014

Book Review: Winter of Beauty

We already know Amy Hale Auker can write, based on her award-winning memoir Rightful Place.
But can she write fiction? Can she create convincing characters out of empty paper and weave invented threads into a convincing story? She answers those questions in the affirmative in Winter of Beauty.
The book is set on a sprawling ranch and features a varied cast ranging from the owner and her unsure future, her manager and his fatigued marriage, a young cowboy troubled by his late father’s mysterious past, the sick old cowboy who raised him, a wannabe cowboy singer whose growing family stands between him and his dreams, and other well-made characters who grind along day to day to save the ranch and a way of life.
The story reaches its climax with the arrival of a baby named Beauty, who brings hope and renewed energy along with unexpected complications. Watching over it all is The Bride, a looming mountain where changing seasons and circumstances and the comings and goings of cattle and humans are of little lasting consequence.


  1. Amy just keeps getting better and better. Actually, it's a little annoying how she keeps getting better and better. Just kidding. She works hard at her craft and does an amazing job. Jim Jones

  2. Glad to see other folks like her work. I think she's spectacular, but I've been accused of being prejudiced because I published her. I prefer to think I'm simply cognizant of talent!

    1. There's no doubt of talent where Amy is involved, Duke.

  3. I've always admired Amy's writing and this book only goes to prove my good taste in reading.