Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Living Poetry…

The new issue of Ranch & Reata is out. If you’re not familiar with this fine magazine, you’re missing out. It’s an oversized, colorful, beautifully designed journal that features people and places of the American West, presented with fine Western writing and photography and art.
For the past few years I have had the opportunity to write a lot of stories for editor A.J. Mangum and am always pleased to see them in the magazine. In the process, I have met and introduced readers to a lot interesting people.
This issue features a story I wrote about Jessica Hedges, a young cowboy poet raised on Nevada ranches who now, with her husband, is raising a family of her own on ranches around the West. She has been a featured poet at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering and travels the West performing. In her spare time, she designs and sells buckaroo-themed jewelry and fashion accessories.
The article ended up delayed for an issue, so while it places her on a ranch near Blackfoot, Idaho, she has since moved and is now working on a ranch near Paisley, Oregon. And her résumé now includes an additional appearance at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering this past January, where she was awarded a scholarship to help continue her poetic endeavors.   
Be sure to look for Jessica in a feature article under my byline in the new issue of Ranch & Reata magazine.

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